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Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus August 28, 2013

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As he walked away from me on his first day of middle school, our two perspectives were different…

His focus: what socks and outfit would make him cool that day?

My focus: how did he get so big so fast?

His focus: independence by getting to ride the bus

My focus: how will I still protect him?

His focus: learning how to handle seven different teachers instead of two

My focus: how will I help him with homework, it’s not elementary any longer?

His focus: Instagram with his friends

My focus: how can I keep him innocent on social media

His focus: football, girls and fun

My focus: I’m now the parent of a t’ween (8 and 2-year-old) — MUST STAY FOCUSED!


4 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus”

  1. I really love this piece. Very clever, and spot on.

    • mpetrie2013 Says:

      Thank you Naomi! I enjoyed your photos of the Amazon, my favorite one was of the 3 children. I kept thinking about that show “River Monsters” looking at your boat ride though, ha ha.

  2. Very nice play with words. Love this and can totally relate to this.

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