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Forever changed… January 24, 2014

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In honor of Brinda’s birthday today – It’s hard to believe that we lost you almost a year ago…

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One month ago, I found out I lost a dear friend at the young age of 44. She has been on my mind constantly. Her 11-year-old son never leaves my thoughts. I pray that he gains the strength to cope with his loss. I can only image how he feels and how her family is dealing with their loss. I want to call, email or text her like we did (almost) everyday. I can’t take her name out of my phone.

Our friendship had just reached a deeper level. I feel justified that I did the right thing for her. I stood up for her when she needed me and I did what I believed was right. I’m so glad she knew this before she passed away. She actually thanked me for it. Today, I went back to find that special email:

“Hopefully you are feeling better and…

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3 Responses to “Forever changed…”

  1. Bonee white Says:

    Your way with words has always amazed me, my beautiful Angel!

  2. Bonee white Says:

    So true ,wonderful to live by. Xoxoxo

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